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Roosevelt Park - Imagination Station


  1. Baseball Field
  2. Bike Racks
  3. Concession Stand
  4. Decorative Benches
  5. Decorative Trash Cans
  6. Drinking Fountains
  7. Exercise Equipment
  8. Imagination Station
  9. Natural Grassy Area
  10. Parking
  11. Picnic Tables
  12. Playground & Swingset
  13. Restrooms
  14. Shelter
  15. Trash Barrels
  16. Volleyball Court
  17. Walking Path
This is a 99-acre community park located in the south-central portion of the City. A large portion of the site is undeveloped and covered by woodlands. The Imagination Station is located here.

You can reserve the Roosevelt Park Shelter. The entire park shelter can accommodate up to 200 people, or you can reserve half for 100 people. You can view a map of the rentable areas of Roosevelt Park here. Review the Park Rental Policy, or call (262) 569-2199 for more information.

Dog Exercise Area
There is Dog Exercise Area is on the south side of Worthington Street across from the Utility Department adjacent to Roosevelt Park.


  • Owners of dogs must purchase a permit prior to use of the dog exercise area at the Parks and Recreation Office.

  • Only Dogs Allowed; no other animals are allowed.
  • Dogs must be restrained by a leash of six feet or less in length at all times while entering, exercising or leaving the dog park.

  • Any dog being exercised in the dog exercise area must be legally licensed and vaccinated and shall exhibit proof of vaccination on collar or leash.
  • No dog under four months is permitted in the exercise area. This is due to the vaccination age of puppies. The dog exercise area is quite rough and dogs should be able to traverse the ground easily.
  • Waste must be sealed in a bag before disposal in a waste receptacle.
  • Dogs exhibiting aggressive behavior are prohibited from the dog exercise area.  Exhibition of aggressive behavior requires removal of the dog by the owner or custodian.
  • Female Dogs in Heat are Prohibited.