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City Beach


  1. Bandshell
  2. Boat Carry-In Launch
  3. Concession Stand
  4. Decorative Benches
  5. Fishing Pier
  6. Lifeguard Chairs
  7. Parking
  8. Picnic Tables
  9. Playground
  10. Restrooms
  11. Swimming
  12. Trash Barrels
  13. Water
A new playground was installed at City Beach in fall of 2014.

City Beach playground

Spin Cup

City Beach Playground

This is a 3-acre neighborhood park located on the south shore of Lac La Belle in the central portion of the City.

Features, Amenities, and Activities
• Community Center building
• Band Shell
• Playground surfaced with sand
• Swimming beach
• Boat mooring sites
• Boat launch
• Picnic areas
• A shoreline fishing area
• Sand volleyball court
• Restroom facilitates