Police Policies

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Absent from Duty
Active Assailant
Address and Telephone Numbers
Admin Review Use of Force
Amber Alert
Arrest Procedures
Authorized Firearms and Training
Automatic External Defibrillation Protocol
Bias-Based Policing 
Body Worn Camera 
Bomb Threats and Searches
Cartoons and Unauthorized Materials
Cell Phones
Citizen Complaints Against Department Personnel
Civil Disturbance
Command and Supervisory Notification
Community Relations
Conducted Energy Weapon
Conflict of Interest/Abuse of Position
Court Appearance and Testimony
Criminal Trespass to Dwelling
Custody of Property and Evidence
Death Notification and Serious Injury
Department Reports
Domestic Violence with Attachments
Drug Evaluations & Classification
Evidence Technicians
Exercise Room and Equipment
Field Response
Field Supervision
Financial Institution Alarms
Fire/EMS Calls
General Rules of Conduct
Green Alert
Identification Cards
Impounding Vehicles
Information: Divulging
Internal Investigations
Juvenile Enforcement and Custody
Juvenile Records
Lockup Policy with Attachments
Media Relations
Missing persons-Adult and Juvenile
Mobile Audio Video Recording Equipment (MAV)
Motor Vehicle Inventories
Motor Vehicle Searches
Mourning Band Protocol
Mutual Aid
Narcan Administration w/Attachment
Night Vision Equipment
Off Time During Special Events
Off-duty Conduct
Officer Involved Shooting w/Attachment
Open Records
Outside Employment
Overdose Death (Len Bias) Investigation
Pepper Spray 
Police Chaplain
Post Deadly Force
Preventing Positional Asphyxia
Prevention of Blood Borne Diseases
Prisoner Guidelines
Prisoner Security While at the Hospital
Public Information Officer (PIO)
Racial Profiling
Radio Communications
Squad Firearm
School Expulsion Hearings
Sex Offender and Community Notification
Showups, Lineups, and Facial Composites
Silver Alert
Soft Body Armor
Squad Firearms
Storage, Transport, & Transfer Flammable Liquid 
Strikes and Labor Disputes
Strip and Body Cavity Searches
Tow Policy
Traffic Crashes-Investigating & Reporting
Uniform Standards
Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) – Drone
Use of Force
Use of Less-lethal Munitions
Vehicle Accidents w/Department Vehicles
Vehicle Operations
Vehicle Pursuits
Victim Notification
Weapons Maintenance