Oconomowoc Skate Park

The Oconomowoc Skate Park was completed in summer of 2021. 

The skate park is located at Roosevelt Park, 130 East Forest Street.

Skateboards, Scooters, Bikes and Rollerskates are allowed at the park.

• Use at your own risk. Protective gear recommended.
• Keep It Clean - Foul language, littering and vandalism will not be tolerated
• No alcohol or tobacco products
• No Dogs or Pets
• Bikes must have PLASTIC pegs, bar ends and pedals

• Watch for others, call your drop in, communicate
• Go with the flow
• No wax on pool or steel coping
• No use of terrain outside of concrete area

Oconomowoc Skatepark Design Rendering


Ocon Skates
OconSkates is a group of community members that formed to connect and support the development of the Oconomowoc Skate Park to benefit the Lake Country area and its residents.

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Oconomowoc Skate Park
Oconomowoc Skate Park
Oconomowoc Skate Park