Bike Oconomowoc

This webpage contains detailed information about bike routes in the Oconomowoc area. The webpage is a compliment to an Oconomowoc-area bike map that was published in summer of 2016.

You can pick up a copy of the map at the following locations:
  • Oconomowoc Community Center, 220 W. Wisconsin Ave.
  • City Hall, 174 E. Wisconsin Ave.
  • Oconomowoc Public Library, 200 W. South St.
  • Oconomowoc Area Chamber of Commerce, 175 E. Wisconsin Ave.

Oconomowoc Bike Map
This overall map shows all routes you can ride throughout the area which lead to downtown Oconomowoc.

  • Scroll down this page for more detailed information on the individual spokes in this map.
  • Click the map to open another window in your browser to better view the map (the map may take a minute to load).
Just like all spokes on a bicycle wheel meet at the center of the wheel, these "spokes" all lead to Oconomowoc's downtown where you will find racks to park your bike (look for the rack icons on the downtown map). While there you can explore and enjoy local businesses, area parks and attractions.

You can click the map to open a larger view in another browser window.
Downtown Bike Map
Bike Map Key
Turn by Turn Details and features
of individual spokes
Concord Spoke
The Concord Spoke explores the southwest side of the city looping around the Hickory Creek neighborhood. A nice path along Allen Road and Concord Road makes this nice route to ride for safety. However, there is a section from South Concord Road before Allen where you will be riding on the road. Make sure you mind traffic there.

  1.  The route begins downtown and takes a parking lot access road past Bank Five Nine and the Oconomowoc Library.
  2. Cross over South Street and take the tunnel coming out onto 2nd Street.
  3. Turn west on 2nd Street, then South on Concord Road following Concord to Hickory Creek Drive. Enter the subdivision and follow Summer Creek Road around to turn west on Shady Lane.
  4. Follow Shady Lane back to Concord Road. This is where you will be riding with traffic following Concord north. You can jump onto a paved pedestrian/bicycle path just past the intersection of Aeppler Way until taking a left on Allen Road. There you will ride the path and can turn around and backtrack back to Concord Road and your starting point. Or you can connect to the LaBelle West Spoke turning north on Reddelien Road.
Concord Spoke

LaBelle East and West Spokes

 La Belle West Spoke:

  1. Start downtown at the intersection of the Campus Parking lot access road and 2nd Street. Follow 2nd Street west as it jogs adn turns into Chaffee Road.
  2. Continue on Chaffe until you intersect Reddelien Road. You can go south on Reddelien for a bit and connect to Allen Road which becomes the Concord Spoke. Or you can opt to go north on Reddelien Road to Marks Road taking a right on Marks.
  3. Marks Road intersects Wisconsin Avenue. Cut across Wisconsin Avenue and head west then turning onto Mary Lane.
  4. Follow Mary Lane north and wind around Lac La Belle. Enjoy this scenic route as you connect to the La Belle East spoke as La Belle Drive connects to Monastery Hill Lane, then back to Lac La Belle Drive.

La Belle East Spoke:

  1. Continue to enjoy the route around the lake as you eventually intersect North Lake Road.
  2. Follow North Lake Road south back to downtown.
  3. You can go through Veterans Memorial Park and take the path along the lake again and then back up along West Wisconsin Avenue.
La Belle East and West Spokes

Fowler Spoke

This spoke explores the north part of the City with an option to stop at Nature Hill recreation area which offers hiking trails and scenic views.

  1. Starting from downtown along the Fowler Lake Shoreline, you will take St. Paul Street north to Pleasant Street heading east to turn north on North Oakwood Avenue.
  2. Follow Oakwood to Grove Street where you can take a right on Grove and follow to explore the La Belle Cemetery.
  3. Exiting the cemetery you can take a path around Golden View Park and make a complete loop to Lapham Street where you can go north or south and head east on Wisconsin Avenue. Choose your adventure.
  4. If you go north on Lapham Street you can either cut across taking a right on East Washington Street back to the Fowler Park area and then loop along Fowler Lake on Greenland Avenue connecting to the La Belle East spoke.
  5. You can also continue on North Lapham Street to Nature Hill. From there head west on Parkview Drive to a fun cut through on Wade Bridge Road/Burtonwood Drive that connects back to North Lake Road and the La Belle East spoke.
Fowler Spoke

Summit Spoke

The Summit Spoke is a southeast jog that takes a sweet trip along Oconomowoc Lake.

Routing to downtown for Summit Spoke:
  1. From City Hall downtown head south on Cross Street jogging east on 2nd Street and then taking a right and heading south on State Street.
  2. Turn left or east on Jefferson Street passing by Westover Park. Take a left on George Street connecting to Summit Avenue.
  3. Go about a block on Summit Avenue before turning left on Armour Road.
  4. Follow Armour Road passing carefully across the Highway 67 bypass and continuing on Armour Road to West Beach Road. You can go north along the lake connecting to the Fowler Spoke along East Wisconsin Avenue or you can head south also enjoying the scenic area of West Beach Road kicking out south to Pabst Road which intersects back to Summit Avenue. Lots of shopping and dining in this area.
  5. You can follow Summit Avenue back downtown.
Summit Spoke

Parkway Spoke

This spoke is mostly on the Lake Country Trail. You'll ride the trail through its corridor within the city from close to downtown south to the Pabst Farms shopping and dining area.

Routing from downtown:
1. Heading south on the Campus Parking lot access road continue across 2nd Street and through the tunnel onto Franklin Street.
2. Follow Franklin Street to Jefferson Street. There is a connection to the Lake Country Trail there.
3. Follow the Lake Country Trail south crossing over the Oconomowoc Parkway, Silver Lake Street, St. Andrews and Summit Avenue/Highway 67.
4. Continue along the trail
Parkway Spoke