Recycling Carts

New curbside  recycling services will begin January 1, 2015.  Johns Disposal will be the hauler collecting the recyclables for the City.  Each residential property will be receiving a 96 gallon wheeled cart by the end of December which will be collected every other week curbside starting the first full week in January.

Waukesha and Milwaukee County are teaming up on a joint owned single stream recycling center so changes are occurring County wide from a dual stream to single stream.  With single stream recycling there are larger carts since you can now mix paper, recycled plastics #1, #2, and #5, cardboard, can and bottles all together.  No more separating!  With single stream an increase of about 25% in recycling has been seen.  The more material that is recycled instead of being placed in a landfill saves the City/you money in landfill disposal costs.

 New 96 - gallon green cart used for recycling is picked up every other week
  • Keep garbage separate from recycling
  • All material must fit in cart
  • If you do not want your old blue recycle bin you can place it in your new cart or place it out curbside on your recycle day marked for removal
  • Plastic bags should NOT be used for recycle items at any time
  • Continue to rinse bottles/can/jugs before placing them into the recycle cart
Johns Disposal  262-473-4700 or 888-473-4701

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