Street Construction

Capital Improvement Program (CIP)

As part of our Capital Improvements Program, the City of Oconomowoc intends to complete   a variety of street and infrastructure improvements this year

  • New asphalt pavement
  • Removal and replacement of some or all sections of curb and gutter
  • Driveway approaches
  • Spot replacement or new sidewalks as well as ramps at the crosswalks
  • Repairs or replacement of the underground utilities
  • Restoration of lawns and terrace areas  

2023 Street Construction 

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Full Reconstruct

  • Bolson Dr - Stadium Dr to Silver Lake St
  • Capitol Dr - STH 16 to Celtic Pass
  • Grove St - Bridge to N Oakwood Ave

The streets listed above are being completely reconstructed which includes replacement of existing curb and gutter and pavement, sidewalk installation, driveway approach replacement, storm sewer and public watermain replacement.

Pulverize and Overlay 

  • Lisbon Rd - STH 67 to N Lapham St
  • Walnut St - water main work at south side of Fowler Lake Bridge
  • Golden View Park - Thurows Subdivision
    • Repaving path with new 6' wide path
  • Oakwood Ave - Bridge to Lisbon Rd
    • Spot replacement of existing concrete curb and gutter (and associated driveway approach replacement), pavement pulverization with hot-mix asphalt overlay, public sanitary sewer, storm sewer and watermain replacement.

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