Utility Emergencies


Utility Emergencies and Repairs

Occasionally power outages and main breaks occur. Weather, traffic accidents, construction accidents and equipment failure can all result in loss of Utilities. Whatever the cause our crews will work to restore your power and water as quickly as possible.

To report an emergency, call 262-569-2196 Monday-Friday 7:30am to 4pm. After hours call 262-567-4401.
Examples of an Electrical Emergency:
    • No Power or Half Power
    • Wire Down
    • Pole Struck or Leaning
    • Traffic Signal Flashing
Examples of a Water Emergency:
    • No Water or Loss of Pressure
    • Water Bubbling in Street or Yard
    • Hydrant Struck or Running

If you would like to report a concern that is not an emergency, please click our Report a Concern Link and you will be routed to our online form. Thank you for your consideration.