Chlorides & Water Softeners

Chlorides & Water Softener Operation

The Wisconsin DNR issued the City’s wastewater discharge permit in 2020. Updated and reissued every five years, the permit includes limits on chlorides discharged to the Oconomowoc River. The proposed limit at this time is 395 mg/l and we are a long way from meeting this limit. We have been granted a variance like many communities due to the hard water in most inland water systems. Chlorides are not something we can treat at the plant; therefore, we must concentrate on reducing chlorides at their source.
Two main factors influence the amount of chlorides in the water coming to the treatment plant: water softeners and road salting operations. The city has reduced the amount of road salt applied through the use of improved equipment and through conscientious application by the drivers of our plowing vehicles. Water softener salt usage, on the other hand, is up to you. 

You can help by checking your water softener, and hose bibs,