Types of Advantages

Oconomowoc is governed by a mayor / city council form of government. The mayor and eight aldermen serve two-year alternating terms. A full-time administrator oversees all day-to-day operations for the city’s full range of services including: utilities (electric, water, and wastewater), public works, public safety, library, parks / recreation services, planning and economic development.

The strength and stability of this government is reflected in the longevity of the city’s professional staff.

Public Utilities

Oconomowoc provides low cost and reliable electric, water, and wastewater utilities for its residents and businesses. All utilities offer state-of-the-art facilities with ample excess capacity to add new users. Operating at only about 80% capacity, the wastewater treatment plant was constructed in the 1980s and has received continuous capital upgrades including a current expansion in 2012.

The city’s six water wells have a pumping capacity of about 8 million gallons per day, while usage is closer to 1.7 million gallons. Water and wastewater utility rates are competitive with surrounding communities, while electrical rates are 20 to 30% less than private electrical utility companies.

Oconomowoc provides a diversity of housing both for renters and homebuyers. Several new condominium projects are currently under construction. New single family homes can be built or purchased in six subdivisions in different parts of the city, and existing homes range in age from brand new to homes built in the 1800s.