Operator's / Provisional (Bartender)

Operator Driver's License must show the current address of the applicant. Update your address free of cost online.

Operator’s (Bartender) License

Operator’s (Bartender) licenses must be obtained to serve alcohol at licensed establishments. Applicants must be 18 years of age, show proof of completion of the Wisconsin Responsible Beverage Server Training, and be employed by a City of Oconomowoc licensed establishment. A background check is required. The total fee is $50, $30 for a license and $20 for a background check.

State Law Regarding Bartenders

New bartender license applications filed after July 1, 1991 will be required to satisfactorily complete a 4-hour Wisconsin Responsible Beverage Server Training, but may work in the interim with a provisional operator's license.

Provisional Operator’s (Bartender) License

A provisional operator’s license is valid for two months (60 days) and allows an individual to bartend without another licensed bartender. The applicant must provide proof of enrollment to take a Wisconsin Responsible Beverage Server Training course or have a license from another community, sponsor form must be filled out by manager and complete an application for this license. The fee is $35, $15 for a provisional license, and $20 for a background check.

License Application Information

Before the provisional operator’s license expires, and after completing the Wisconsin Responsible Beverage Server Training, the applicant should provide the city clerk’s office with a copy of the course completion certificate and pay an additional $20 to receive a regular operator's license.

Operator’s licenses must be approved by the Police Department and requires Common Council approval (council meets the first and third Tuesday of every month)

  • Background checks are required.
  • License fee is due upon application.
  • Fee Schedule  

License shall be valid for one year and will expire annually on June 30.