Sanitary Sewer Collection System

The wastewater collection system contains 112 miles of sewer mains ranging in size from 2” to 60” in diameter, and 3,412 manholes. Located throughout the city and surrounding area are 20 pump stations that pump wastewater to the plant via four main interceptors. Twelve metering stations measure wastewater volume from monitoring points in the collection system. Jetter

Our collection system serves the city of Oconomowoc and seven sanitary districts.

Sanitary Sewer Preventive Maintenance Program
The Oconomowoc Sanitary Sewer Preventive Maintenance Program consists of regularly scheduled maintenance and monitoring activities aimed at providing the highest level of uninterrupted and efficient service to the users of the system. The program includes regular scheduled cleaning, repair, inspection, communication with residents and local plumbers on lateral maintenance issues, and enforcement of the city’s sewer use ordinance.

Scheduled cleaning of the sewer mains is done by high pressure jetting and vacuuming. Depending upon the type, age, and condition of the sewer, every section is assigned to either a three-year, bi-monthly, or monthly schedule.