Drinking Water

Oconomowoc Drinking Water

The City of Oconomowoc Water Utility is proud to state that its water meets or exceeds all of the standards established by the United States EPA and the Drinking Water Act.

Our water is obtained from seven groundwater wells ranging in depth from 56 feet to 1,052 feet. Our water operators test the water daily for chlorine, fluoride, and iron.

Water Treatment Methods

Our water is treated as follows: 

  • Chlorine is added for disinfection
  • Fluoride is added for the development of teeth and bones
  • Phosphate is added for the control of corrosion
  • Induced draft aeration is implemented for the removal of iron

Lead in Drinking Water

Recently there has been national media attention focused on lead in drinking water.  Oconomowoc Utilities has provided below documents to help residents understand where there may be lead in the system and what can be done about it.  Please click the below links for detailed information.  

Lead Service Public Information Presentation
Lead and Oconomowoc Drinking Water - FAQs

Homeowner Guide to Lead Services

Lead Risk Mitigation

Lead Water Service Overview

OASD Lead and Copper Test Results - November 2016
Lead and Drinking Water - EPA Provided FAQs
Lead in General - EPA Provided Checklist
Lead Testing Information - EPA Provided
Point of Use Filtration - EPA Provided Brochure