Police Reports / Forms

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  • Open Records: Record requests may be submitted in person, by fax, or email. Once our department receives your request, we have up to ten days to respond to your request. If the information is releasable, there will be a $.25 per one-sided page photocopying fee. Please write legibly and be specific as to what information you are requesting.
  • Crash Reports: Reportable and non-reportable crash reports that occurred within the city limits of Oconomowoc can be viewed or purchased during lobby hours after you have completed an open records request form. All crash reports require an open records request form to be completed.
    • To assist you in determining the correct jurisdiction for obtaining a crash report, see our area map.
  • Special Activities Application Forms
  • Incident Statement Form: You will only be able to proceed with your online statement if a City Officer has provided you with an Incident Report Number. Your statement form is time sensitive and the original needs to be submitted as soon as possible.
  • Victim Restitution Form: Your restitution form is time sensitive and the original needs to be notarized and submitted as soon as possible. It may serve as your voice in court for awarding any monetary compensation.
  • Special Needs Alert Form: Person-specific information for first responders.
  • Business Night Number Listing: This is used for local businesses so that in an emergency situation we are able to contact a key holder for alarms and special circumstances.       pdf version
  • Records Fee Structure: Once you have been notified that your record is approved for release, payment is required prior to release (we do not invoice).

Printing & Document Charges

  • Incident, crash & computer generated reports: $.25 per one-sided page
  • Certified record check per notary seal: $20
  • Dispatch CD phone recording: $35
  • Incident picture CD: $35
  • Incident picture prints: $2 per sheet
  • Squad video DVD: $35