Parking Regulations & Payment Options

Paying a Parking Ticket

At this time, we do not accept online payment.  However, you can mail in your payment, pay in person 24/7 with cash, check or credit card, or transact a credit card payment over the phone 24/7 by calling (262) 567-4401. 

Winter Street Parking Regulations

Winter street parking is in effect from December 1 to March 1, meaning no vehicles may be parked on any city street from 2:00 am to 5:00 am. (City Ord 7.03 (2)).

Overnight Municipal Lot Parking

To park overnight in one of the six municipal downtown lots you need to obtain permission by the Police Department at (262) 567-4401 or you need to purchase a monthly parking permit. The 2023 monthly parking permit fee is $30 plus tax and is available at the Police Department between the hours of 8:00 am and 4:00 pm. Permit parking is lot and vehicle specific and only one permit per vehicle owner is allowed.

There are limited permit parking spaces in the municipal lots and they are issued on a first come, first served basis. (City Ord 7.03 (10)(c)).

All downtown taverns have temporary parking passes for their patrons who prefer to leave their car in a municipal lot after bar hours. The pass must be visible on the driver's side windshield, the pass must be returned to the issuing tavern. The pass is only valid until 8:00 am that morning.

Daytime Municipal Lot Parking

The five municipal downtown lots are posted for specific time periods. Parking for longer periods may result in a parking fine.


Municipal Parking Lots
Campus Lot
221 W Wisconsin Avenue
Veterans Memorial Lot202 N Lake Street
Fowler Lake Lot120 St Paul Street
Legion Lot128 W Wisconsin Avenue
Collins Street Lot
120 Cross Street

Parking Ticket Fees

The current fine for a parking ticket is $30 and $153 for a handicap space violation. A penalty is assessed for repeat offenders parking in a municipal lot. (City Ord 7.03(10)(e))

There is a notice on the bottom of your parking ticket informing you of the penalties assessed for nonpayment. If, after 28 days from issuance, your ticket is still unpaid, an order to suspend your vehicle registration will be submitted to the Department of Transportation.

Contesting a Parking Ticket

A photocopy of your identification is necessary for the issuance of a municipal citation should you decide to contest your parking ticket. Your citation will be processed and placed on Lake Country Municipal Court's docket within 30 to 45 days of issuance. 

For further information, please contact the police support specialist's office at (262) 567-4401.

Reporting Vehicles

Call (262) 567-4401 anytime to report your disabled vehicle on a city street or to request permission for street or municipal lot parking. We do not have the authority to grant permission to park or leave your vehicle on private property - you must obtain that permission directly from the property owner.

If you have any questions regarding street or municipal lot parking, please contact the police support specialist’s office at (262) 567-4401.