Doing Business Here

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Doing Business in Oconomowoc
The full-time Economic Development staff provides efficient and confidential help in the areas of:
  • Access to financial assistance network
  • Attracting new business to Oconomowoc
  • Business plan data and resources
  • Coordination of approval process
  • Information on Oconomowoc and its industries
  • Permit assistance
  • Retaining business in Oconomowoc
  • Site location availability
Matching Needs with Opportunities
The Oconomowoc Bureau of Economic Development works with banks, consultants, associations, and other area economic development agencies to best match businesses’ needs with Oconomowoc’s opportunities. To assist business start-up, the Bureau of Economic Development has developed a Guide to Opening a Business in Oconomowoc.

The Oconomowoc Bureau of Economic Development is also the channel for continuous improvement of the City’s business climate.

For more information, contact Director Robert Duffy or visit the city's Planning Department.