Community Development Authority

The Community Development Authority (CDA) is authorized to undertake projects relating to blight elimination, slum clearance, urban renewal, and redevelopment programs, as approved by the Common Council on a project-by-project basis. Members of the committee are appointed by the Mayor and approved by the Common Council. Common Council members are appointed to one year terms and citizen members are appointed to varied year terms.

Mission: a. Establishing Oconomowoc as the best small city

 b. The Community Development Authority (CDA) will:

 1. Define short and long term strategies that respect the stakeholders of Oconomowoc

 2. Implement an environmentally-friendly revitalization plan that fosters economic stability

 c.  The focus of the CDA shall be to:

1. Revitalize the strategic areas

2. Encourage diversity in commerce, employment and housing types

 3. Identify and select immediate short term projects which serve as a foundation for long term solutions

 4. Foster trust and confidence within the Oconomowoc community

 5. Seek fair and equitable public/private partnerships



The Community Development Authority Committee meets on an as needed basis.

Agendas & Minutes


  • Scott Carter
  • Mary Blaska, Chair
  • Robert P. Magnus, Mayor 
  • Bill Moomey
  • Stephen Carlson, Jr. 
  • Ald. Karen Spiegelberg
  • David Manke