Committees of the Council

The Committees of the Council shall each consist of three Aldermen appointed by the Mayor without council approval at the first meeting of the council in each year after the April spring election. The Mayor shall designate the chairman and secretary of each committee.


These committees meet as needed at City Hall, typically on the first and third Tuesday of each month before Common Council.  

Agendas & Minutes

Aldermen Members

  • Finance
    • Schellpeper, Chairman 
    • Spiegelberg, Secretary 
    • Moroni
  • Personnel
    • Mulder, Chairman 
    • Douglas, Secretary 
    • Schellpeper
  • Protection and Welfare
    • Douglas, Chairman 
    • Schellpeper, Secretary 
    • Rosek
  • Public Services
    • Mulder, Chairman 
    • Aultman Kloth, Secretary 
    • Ellis
  • Committee-of-the-Whole
    • All Aldermen
  • Utility
    • Rosek, Chairman 
    • Ellis, Secretary 
    • Mulder