The City Administrator is the Chief Administrative Officer for the City and is responsible for the implementation of the Common Council’s policies and priorities. The administrative duties and responsibilities are prescribed by the Mayor and the Common Council.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Developing budgeting procedures and supervising the preparation of the annual operating budget
  • Directing, coordinating, and expediting the activities of all city departments
  • Effectuating all actions of the council which require administrative implementation
  • Overseeing the management of all economic development programs and city planning efforts of the city
  • Providing financial oversight over the city’s investments and accountability for the city’s financial condition
  • Providing leadership and direction in coordinating financial and economic data for the city's long-term financial plan
  • Serving as manager of the city utilities
  • Serving as personnel officer for the city
  • Supplying the mayor and council with information and recommendations to aid in decision-making