Identifying Fire Inspectors

Due to dishonest people impersonating fire inspectors for ulterior motives, we have added this section to inform the business owners of what to look for when our Fire Inspectors arrive for your fire inspection, and what rights the fire inspectors have when doing the inspection.

Rights of the Fire Inspector
Most businesses are inspected on a semi-annual basis. This means that 2 inspections are performed every year. The first inspection takes place in the first half of the year, and the second inspection in the second half of the year. The inspection dates are randomly chosen, thus inspections are not typically evenly staggered.

The fire inspector has the right to inspect a business anytime during the normal operating hours of the business. The business owner can not tell the inspector to leave, and must allow access to the entire building. However, the Oconomowoc Fire Department inspectors are more than willing to work with business owners and schedule some inspections.

Businesses with multiple repeat fire code violations may be inspected more than 2 times a year. This is due to the lack of compliance with fire codes causing a safety hazard. These businesses are given a set time to fix the violations, which varies on the degree of the violation. Continued non-compliance will result in a referral to the city attorney and fines may be issued.

Identifying an Oconomowoc Fire Inspector
Things to look for to identify an Oconomowoc Fire Inspector:
  • Blue pants
  • Blue Oconomowoc Fire Department T-Shirt or Polo
  • Black boots
An ID card showing the picture of the inspector, name, rank, and the Oconomowoc Fire Department Logo shall be present with the inspector at all times during the inspection.

  • Pager
  • Portable Radio
  • Clipboard with fire inspection forms/iPad
The fire inspector will be driving an officially marked Oconomowoc Fire Department vehicle.

Rights of the Business Owner

Business owners have the right to check for proper identification prior to an inspection being performed. If a fire inspector arrives and does not have an ID card, the business owner may deny entry. The business owner may, and is encouraged to, escort the inspector through the inspection. If the business owner wishes to confirm the identity of the inspector, they may call the Oconomowoc Fire Department at (262) 569-3223 to confirm the inspector belongs to the fire department.