Burning Regulations and Permits

The City of Oconomowoc does not allow the burning of yard waste or inorganic materials.

City of Oconomowoc residences may have recreational and cooking fires. They must be contained to a designated outdoor fire pit or above ground outdoor fireplace. Yard waste still may not be burned. Firewood must be used in these devices. If the outdoor fireplace is equipped with wire mesh side and/or a lid, the fire should be contained within those limits. In ground fire pits shall be no more than 3 feet in diameter, and the material inside must be placed so it does not pose a threat of falling out. The fire may not create a nuisance (smoke, odors, etc.) or hazard (sparks, embers) to your property or your neighbors.

Please use good "campfire etiquette" in the City of Oconomowoc. A lot of the enforcement is complaint driven, if you keep the fire within the rules, you should have no problem. If you have any questions, please contact the Oconomowoc Fire Department at (262) 569-3223

For information about burning in the Town of Oconomowoc, or Village of Lac La Belle, see below.


All open burning is controlled by this standard except: Outdoor cooking, campfires, and Fire Department training.

1. Size of Pile
4 feet X 4 feet X 3 feet high.

2. Location of Pile
At least 50 feet from any structure, wood pile, wooden fence, and provisions shall be made to prevent the fire from spreading to within 50 feet of such items.

3. Material for Burning
Dry material only, not ignited with flammable or combustible liquids.

4. Material Shall Not Be
Rubbish, garbage, trash, or any material made of, or coated with, rubber, plastic, leather, or petroleum based products.

5. Supervision
The fire shall be attended by a competent person at least 16 years of age until the fire is extinguished.

6. Time of Burn
7:00 am until 1/2 hour after sunset.

7. Wind

The wind velocity shall not exceed 9 mph.

8. The Site
May be inspected prior to the issuance of a permit.

9. Permit Will Be Revoked
If any complaints are received, or these guidelines are not followed.

10. Village of Lac La Belle Residence Only
The fire must be located no less than 100 feet from the shore of the lake.

Burning permits are issued to the Town of Oconomowoc and Village of Lac La Belle residence only. You may call the Oconomowoc Fire Department at (262) 569-3223 to obtain one, or you can fill out the online permit.

Please read the above rules and regulations before filling out the online permit. Failure to follow them will result in the revocation of your permit. You will be asked whether or not you agree to these terms when filling out the online permit.

If you reside in the Town of Oconomowoc and are within the red box on the map, you may apply for a burning permit via this form.

If you wish to fill out the online permit, please click on the link that applies to you below:


TOWN OF OCONOMOWOC RESIDENTS: The Town of Oconomowoc is covered by several fire departments including Okauchee Fire Department, Ashippun Fire Department, Stone Bank Fire Department, and the Oconomowoc Fire Department. The Oconomowoc Fire Department is not authorized to issue burning permits to residences that are outside of the Oconomowoc Fire Departments response area. If you do not know which fire department covers your home, we can assist you. Please call us at (262) 569-3223.

If you elect to fill out the online permit, please allow up to 24 weekday hours to process it (typically 1-2 hours). Once you get a confirmation email, you may begin burning within the permit regulations.

Please check the WI DNR website (link below) for up to date burning restrictions.