The Oconomowoc Fire Department, like many other departments, is mitigating more than just structure fires. Local fire departments have become the local communities emergency management team. The Oconomowoc Fire Department is equipped to respond to, manage, and ultimately remove, immediate threats to life and property. If special teams are needed, such as a Hazardous Materials Team (HAZ-MAT) or a High Angle Rescue Team, the fire department is able to keep the scene under control until they arrive.

This is what the Fire Department was created for, and thus is the specialty of the department. The Oconomowoc Fire Department has a vast array of vehicles, tools, and equipment to extinguish any fire. 4762, the Oconomowoc Fire Departments first due engine to most fires, is geared specifically for fire fighting operations. 4762 is backed up by 4771, a 100 foot ladder truck with a platform that has the ability to spray water in areas that cannot be reached by firefighters with hand-lines. Large incidents often require that a MABAS Box is requested.

Motor Vehicle Collisions (MVC)
tanker roll.JPG
MVCs are managed by both fire and EMS personnel. Often times, the vehicles involved are damaged to the point that the people inside the vehicle are trapped. 4761 is first due fire apparatus to respond on these calls with the ambulance 4751. 4761 is equipped with vehicle extrication tools. These tools are specially made just for cutting, prying, and forcing metal to get the trapped people out. During the extrication process, EMS will treat the patient in place. Often times, this requires EMS personnel to crawl into the vehicle, whether the vehicle is on its wheels, side, or even on its roof.

Gas Leak/Fuel Spills
Gas Leak.JPG
These incidents are usually controlled with little to no damage or harm. The potential for catastrophic incidents is very much real.

Small fuel spills can be cleaned up by fire department personnel with absorbent materials that are spread around then swept up. Large spills sometimes require a HAZ-MAT team.

The goal of the fire department on gas leaks is to remove any people in danger and contact the local utilities to properly shut the system down without further damage or loss. On April 2nd, 2008, the dangers of a gas leak became a reality when the First Baptist Church of Oconomowoc exploded due to a natural gas leak.

When disasters strike, such as a tornado or an explosion, the local emergency management is very quickly overwhelmed. This is another area where MABAS is very helpful. These large scenes can cover anywhere from a street, subdivision, or an entire community. The Oconomowoc Fire Department has multiple agencies, some coming from different counties, listed to respond for disasters.

Investigation, RIC, Dive, and Assistance Calls
These calls are for things such as the smell of smoke, someone stuck in an elevator, or other situations that people would require immediate assistance. For more information about the RIC team or the Dive team, please click here.