Business Resources

  1. Available Properties

    View some available properties located within the city for business and residential properties.

  2. Bid Opportunties

    Learn about the various bid opportunities with the city.

  3. Building Code / Inspections

    Review the city's building inspection policy.

  4. Business Licenses

    Stay up to date with the city's various licenses.

  5. Chamber of Commerce

    Link to the Chamber of Commerce website.

  6. Downtown Business Information

    Find out about the downtown businesses in Oconomowoc.

  7. Downtown Business Association

    Learn about businesses located in Downtown Oconomowoc

  8. Economic Development

    Browse through information about the city's Economic Development Department.

  9. Local Businesses

    Research information about current businesses located within the city limits.

  10. Municipal Code

    Access the city's municipal code.

  11. Planning & Zoning

    Check out the city's planning and zoning department.

  12. Register of Deeds

    Gain information about the city's register of deeds.

  13. Zoning Ordinance

    Explore information about City zoning and signage regulations.

  14. Employment Opportunities

    View current job opportunities with the city.